Analogue Assist

Supported analogue assist level device types

The allowable signal range is 0-5V.


  • JT405 display
  • Potentiometer

Analogue assistance device input & wiring

The recommended wiring of an analogue assist pod is shown in the figure below. Only Brake 2/Analogue input 3 is a valid signal input for an analogue assistance device.

Analogue assist setup

With the analogue assist device connected to the controller.

  • Change assist mode source to 1 (analog)
  • Poll and read the brake 2 voltage input to measure the analog assist levels.
  • Enter the level 0 (or low assistance switch position if not a POD) assist voltage (no LEDs on) into Assist low voltage reading
  • Enter the level 3 (or high assistance switch position if not a POD) assist voltage into Assist high voltage reading

Assist low voltage reading uses Assist gain 1 and Assist speed 1 for the low assist level and linearly interpolates to 100% assist at Assist high voltage reading.

Smart, Silent, Smooth.

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