Finalizing your program

There are a great number of possible combinations of displays, throttles, torque sensor and batteries that can be attached in some way to the ASI controller. To ensure that you are getting everything possible out of it, it is good to have a checklist:

Have you configured the foldbacks to allow for a longer range?
If you are using a Voltage Model for the BMS, have you confirmed the upper and lower SOC limits? Do you have to test the battery resistance?
Have you tested the battery limits for both full and off voltage?

Have you confirmed the High voltage limits for regenerative braking? Have you tested the cutoff?
Throttle / Pedal sensor
Have you configured the throttle deadband and fault range to take into account the variances between different throttles? Have you tested?

Have you configured your temperature sensor?
Have you verified that the speed is reporting properly?
Faults and Warnings
Have you unplugged some of your devices to ensure that the faults and warnings are appearing properly? Have decisions been made to configure whether or not the vehicle should be disabled for each fault?

Have you verified that the speed is limited in each assist level?
Have you tested Walk mode?

Is each part of the information on the display reading the same values from BACDoor? Are they accurate?

Have you properly set the speed limits for each input? Have you considered the location in which this bike will be sold?
Is the wheel diameter set properly?
Have you rolled the vehicle in reverse and does it behave properly?

Have you locked the parameters to ensure that they cannot be read/written by anyone unauthorized?
Have you saved the parameters to a file and sent them to ASI as approved for installation in all controllers?

Smart, Silent, Smooth.

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