Current Regulation Control Loop


Phase current control loop, or current regulation control loop, controls the phase current feedback loop with respect to our field-oriented control, FOC, implementation. You may need to adjust the current regulation of your system to adjust the behaviour, such as overall acceleration and current overshoot.

Current Regulator bandwidth is used to calculate the feedback gain for the controller’s current regulation loops: Current regulator Kp and Current regulator Ki.

As the Current Regulator bandwidth increases, the faster the controller tries to correct the output current relative to the target output. With the Current regulator Kp and Current regulator Ki increasing in lock-step.

A side effect of higher Current Regulator bandwidth is that the phase current is harder to control. It might over-adjust, increasing output/audible noise and overshoots. In some cases, if the Current Regulator bandwidth is low enough, the acceleration will be noticeably negatively affected. But if the Current Regulator bandwidth is too high, then the incoming error can be passed to the output or even amplified, causing faults.


Bandwidth tuning

Generally higher speed motors benefit from Current Regulator Bandwidth >= 3000, up to 5000. Lower speed motors can tolerate lower values, such as 1500. Maintain a sufficiently high Current Regulator bandwidth to have desirable acceleration and performance.

Manual tuning

Though it is not recommended to set individual PI gains. If the Current Regulator bandwidth is set to zero, you can manually set the Current regulator Kp and the Current regulator Ki.

Tunning effects when increasing a parameter independently:

ParameterRise timeOvershootSettling timeSteady-state errorStability
Current regulator KpDecreaseIncreaseSmall changeDecreaseDegrade
Current regulator KiDecreaseIncreaseIncreaseEliminateDegrade

Configuration parameters

Current control parameters


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