Walk Mode


Walk mode is an auxiliary command source triggerable over network communication, for example via your display walk command.

This page will cover the setup and tuning of walk mode.


  1. Enable Features bit 11 Walk mode enable.
  2. Set Walk mode signal source to 4, serial (display).
  3. Set Vehicle jog speed to limit walk mode speed.
    1. Note: Speed is only limited if in Speed regulator modes 0 Speed or 2 Torque mode with speed limiting. Torque mode, 1, is not speed limited.
    2. Regular speed regulation control loop applies.
  4. Verify walk command works.
    1. If using a display, enable walk command.
    2. If sending value over network, write 1 to Display walk command to enable, and 0 to disable walk mode.

Application notes

This feature is only available with TE configuration 1 Pedal Bikes (ISO13849) “EN” as of firmware 6.017 and up.

This feature requires a heartbeat of fewer than 20000 switching cycles. At 10kHz Switching frequency, that works out to 2 seconds. At 13kHz Switching frequency that works out to ~1.54 seconds.

Configuration parameters

General setup


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