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Welcome to ASI, and thank you for purchasing an ASI Evaluation Kit! Now, let’s take control of your sweet ride…

Setting up your controller can be easy if you follow our BAC Programming Process. Following this will ensure your system setup goes as smoothly as possible.

BAC Programming Process

This process works step-wise. Only connect the peripheral or enable a feature after you’ve confirmed the previous step is working correctly.

  1. Getting started (the hardest part)
    1. Set the battery rated voltage
    2. Get the motor spinning sensorlessly
    3. Get the motor spinning sensored (if sensorized)
  2. Setting up peripherals in this order, as they apply
    1. Throttle
    2. Pedal sensor
    3. Torque sensor
    4. Brakes
    5. Display
    6. Battery
    7. Motor
    8. Headlight
  3. Set your desired features
  4. Tune your ride performance
  5. Set your system protections and finalize your tune

But first, let’s unpack that Evaluation kit & install the software before we get started. Click here: Unpacking The Evaluation Kit

Smart, Silent, Smooth.

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