Engine Braking


Engine braking, or off-throttle regen, converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy to recharge the batteries via braking torque when you are not commanding motoring torque in torque mode, or when commanding a lower speed in speed mode.

This page will cover the setup and tuning of engine braking.


  1. Enable Features bit 13 Engine braking enable.
  2. Set Regeneration battery current limit percentage of your battery’s peak charging/regen current relative to your Rated motor power divided by Rated system voltage.
    • Example: Your Rated motor power is 2880W, regen is 45A peak and your nominal battery voltage (Rated system voltage) is 48V. Your regeneration battery current limit is = 45A/ (2880W/48V) = 0.75 or 75%.
  3. Set the Maximum braking torque to the desired percent of the Rated motor current. Start out conservatively, ex. 10%, to understand the braking effect and not risk having too much braking torque and skidding, causing a possible crash.
  4. Set the Engine braking torque to the desired percent of Maximum braking torque.
    • Note that as of 6.014, when you have both engine braking and analogue regen braking enabled, the controller gives priority to whichever source is commanding the higher braking torque.

Configuration parameters

General setup


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