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ASI provides multiple fault and warning indicators for protection during development, ensure operator safety and in order to maximize an eBike system’s life span. Presently 2 fault and 1 warning register can be used to protect against and diagnose most issues.


Fault Registers: These bits will disable a motor and flash the internal led. See next sections for the faults which can be configured.

Name Description Units Address


Warning Registers: Could indicate outputs power is being reduce towards 0. See Limiters and Foldbacks sections for configuration

Name Description Units Address
warnings 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1=active 0=not active
bit 0: Communication Timeout (flash code 5,1)
bit 1: Hall Sensor (flash code 5,2)
bit 2: Hall stall (flash code 5,3)
bit 3: Wheel Speed Sensor(flash code 5,4)
bit 4: CAN Bus (flash code 5,5)
bit 5: Hall Illegal sector (flash code 5,6)
bit 6: Hall illegal transition (flash code 5,7)
bit 7: VdcLowFLDBK (flash code 5,8)
bit 8: VdcHighFLDBK (flash code 6,1)
bit 9: MotorTempFLDBK (flash code 6,2)
bit 10: ContrlTempFLDBK (flash code 6,3)
bit 11: LowSOCFLDBK (flash code 6,4)
bit 12: HiSOCFLDBK (flash code 6,5)
bit 13: I2tFLDBK (flash code 6,6)
bit 14: (flash code 6,7)
bit 15: BMSTimeout(flash code 6,8)


Last Fault Registers:  help to capture previous events such as self clearing faults

Name Description Units Address


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