Cannot save parameters BAC V6

Congratulations on getting a new BAC controller with an upgraded microprocessor.

You are here because you thought it would be straightforward to update your new controller with old parameters, and while it should have worked, due to some changes in the dictionary, the controller is now locked.

Simple fix:

Open the parameter file that you loaded in a text editor and look for address 130


The number in the example is 72. This is the code you locked your controller with.

Hopfully you have an updated ASiObjectDictionary for your copy of BACDoor mobile, or PC BACDoor. Look for a parameter called Write Access Code – (and if you don’t have it, it is Address 402). Enter the number you found in the previous step.

This will temporarily unlock the parameters so you can save to flash!

Now that they are unlocked you can enter a 0 in the address 130 Flash Parameter Write Access Code – Address 130 (used to be spare level 2 parameter) and save to flash. the controller is now unlocked

This will only work for controllers that were locked inadvertently due to a parameter install. Parameters that are locked by OEMs have their own unique password and cannot be unlocked in this manner… nice try.

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